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Riser Sound Effects (Sample Pack)

222 ratings
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Riser Sound Effects (Sample Pack)

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Masters of Music
222 ratings

Riser Sound FX Collection

- Featuring a huge collection of riser sound effects to elevate the transitions and energy in your music compositions. All sounds include a version of every key, so you don't have to transpose. Just drag and drop the audio file right into your project, and instantly boost the energy.

  • 80 Long Risers in each Key
  • 20 Short Risers in each Key

Would You like to Level Up in Music? Choose your Adventure:

  1. How to create Amazing Chord Progressions
  2. How to write Memorable Melodies
  3. How to Master Emotions in Your Music
  4. How to Sound Design for Music
  5. How to Create Amazing Transitions in Your Music
  6. How to Master Rhythm & Percussion
  7. How to Compose Ambient Music
  8. How to Master Chords & Harmony
  9. How to Master Strings in Your Music
  10. How to make Relaxing Music
  11. How to make Hybrid Orchestral Music

Check out all Music Courses here: https://mastersofmusic.net/learn

I wish you great success on your journey and adventure in music! =)

Mikael "Mike" Baggström
Music Maker | Artist | Educator

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High Quality Wav Files
100 Risers in Total
All Risers in all 12 Keys of Music


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